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  • 1 This is the exit to the Prison Dungeon where you begin
  • 2 Healer -- you can get your health restored here
  • 3 Armor powerup -- Chop down these bushes to get an armor powerup
  • 4 Item Shop -- From here you can purchase traps, a life powerup, and a map to the desert dungeon
  • 5 Item Shop -- Work your way up through the rocky maze to the desert. Here you can purchase another powerup, and maps to the other dungeons
  • 6 Healer -- Another healer, to refill your life before tackling the desert dungeon
  • 7 Desert Dungeon -- The second dungeon you should tackle
  • 8 Rock Cave -- After getting the lantern from the desert dungeon, you'll want to go here to get a red key and attack powerup, before going back to finish the desert dungeon.
  • 9 Eastern Pass -- Next, journey through the eastern pass, where you can get a life powerup, and find the oasis
  • 10 Eastern Pass -- You can exit from the eastern pass here
  • 11 Item Shop -- This is where you can find the dynamite, as well as another powerup
  • 12 Western Pass -- Next, journey through the western pass to get to the western half of the world
  • 13 Western Pass -- The western pass exits here
  • 14 Statue powerup -- dynamite this statue for a powerup
  • 15 Powerup -- dynamite the tombstone, then cut the bushes behind for another powerup
  • 16 Tomb Dungeon -- next, brave the tomb dungeon. You'll want to find the flying boots, and another yellow key
  • 17 Life Powerup -- Use the boots to fly to this island, and cut the bushes for a life powerup (note -- in the first builds of Anguna, this might be missing)
  • 18 Life Powerup -- Use the boots to fly to this island as well, and cut the bushes for another life powerup
  • 19 Healer -- get healed up here
  • 20 Treasure Cave -- inside are some tough enemies, and a bag of 100 gold. Handy if you need money, but don't bother if you're already rich
  • 21 Item Shop -- He's selling cheap life potions, and two more powerups
  • 22 Lake Dungeon -- Use the boots to enter here. You'll want to find the Attack Ring and another yellow key
  • 23 Final Dungeon -- Now head to the final dungeon to finish off the dragon and return home

Prison Dungeon

  • 1. This is where you start the game. Kill the enemies to get a key and move on.
  • 2. By killing all the green slimes in this room, you will earn a red key.
  • 3. You can either use your red key to go south, or use the secret passage in the west wall to go around.
  • 4. Here is the first real challenge of the game: the green toady. Attack him once when he's not moving, then dodge out of the way before he charges. Or get him trapped behind a pit, and thrash him. A life potion will be your reward. They aren't extremely common, so don't use it hastily. You can respawn from this room if you die.
  • 5: Work your way here, and defeat another green toady to open the secret door.
  • 6: A bow and some arrows are your reward. Now, enemies will occasionally drop more arrows for you.
  • 7: Now that you have the bow and arrow, kill all the enemies in this room (including the slime across the pit to the right that you couldn't reach before) to open the passage below and get a life powerup.
  • 8: To get to the secret rooms north of here, follow the path on the floor and walk through the northern wall.
  • 9: The boss of the prison dungeon is the FireCroc. He will be quite difficult if you haven't found the Bow and Arrow, and the attack powerup. Learn to dodge between his fireballs, and hit him between bursts. If you have arrows, it will be much easier to hit him from a distance. If you run out of arrows, go forward, hit him once or twice, then back up and be ready to dodge the fireballs again.
    Once he is dead, he will drop a yellow key, and the door will open to the overworld.

Desert Dungeon

  • 1. Start by working your way to the east and west edges of this room. When enemies on both sides are defeated, the door in the middle will open, and you can claim the attack powerup.
  • 2. In this long dark room, there is a life powerup hidden in a pot at the top
  • 3. Work your way to the pit serpent, and defeat him by hiding on the edge, and hitting him after he comes out. You'll receive a blue key as a reward.
  • 4. Defeat the red slime and all the slimes that spawn from him, and you'll find the lantern!
  • 5: To open this door, you'll need a red key. If you don't have an extra, you can get one from the Rock Cave in the overworld.
  • 6: Walk through this wall
  • 7: There is another blue key hidden in these pots
  • 8: To defeat the big ghost, hide in the lower-right hand side, dodge the fireballs, and attack when he is near you. Alternatively, if you've already purchased the dynamite, you can destroy the statues with the dynamite, making this a pretty easy fight. Grab the yellow key once you've defeated him.
  • 9: Grab the armor powerup, and exit through the fake wall back to the starting room.

Tomb Dungeon

Lake Dungeon