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Super Homebrew War

A 4-player party game for the Nintendo Entertainment System

Thanks to Glutock, surt, Gradual Games, NovaSquirrel, Sly Dog Studios, Brad Smith, E.B.D Holland, Chris Cacciatore, Julius Riecke, Khan Games, Spoony Bard Productions, Antoine Fantys, Doug Fraker, Toggle Switch, Frakengraphics, Dullahan Software, The Mojon Twins, M-Tee, Lukasz Kur, Orab Games, Pubby, Morphcat games, and Retrotainment Games.....

Super Homebrew War is my entry into the 2018 nesdev competition

1-4 players can use characters from many other NES homebrew games, and will duke it out to see who's the best.

Play on one of 8 different homebrew-inspired arenas.

The game is Mario-style controls:
A to jum
B to dash and to use items
Down+A to jump down through one-way platforms

Jump on heads to kill each other, or get items from ! blocks, and press B to attack with them.


  • Twin Dragons Pepper (lets you breathe fire)
  • Mad Wizard Lightning
  • Study Hall Paper Airplane
  • Bat Puncher Punch
  • Nebs n Debs Crystal (lets you do the Nebs n' Debs dash)
  • Robo-Ninja slam (press B in the air to slam to the ground quickly)
  • Micro Mages Star (swaps positions of all characters)
  • Clock (briefly freezes opponents)

Game modes:

  • Most kills: get the most kills to win
  • Survival: you are out after you lose a certain number of lives
  • Chicken: One player is the chicken, and gains points while being a chicken. Kill the chicken to become the new chicken.
  • King of the Hill: a box will appear on-screen. Gain points by being the only player occupying the box.

A GTROM build is available if you have GTROM boards lying around and would like to load this on one.